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Over 3 Billion Emails Delivered Last Month

and Yesterday We Sent 130 M emails

our cloud-based infrastructure and 63.210.781 opt-in users helps marketers deliver email marketing and Advertisers to drive customer engagement, increase sales, and improve return on marketing investment. ADSender marketing application come together with large databases in a real-time‚ cross-channel interactive marketing architecture that helps you create a great value from your database...

Email Marketing for Advertisers

We offer the best performance for businesses to support your successful brand awareness and a successful new customer acquisition locally or globally.


ADSender, one of the world’s biggest email delivery platform specifically designed for e-mail marketing needs, a unique design to assure state-of-the- art performance. With 3 geographically-distributed data centres, Lucini&Lucini can assure a cutting edge level of reliability: redundancy, load balancing and low latency.

ADSender Platform

ADSender, our cloud-based email acquisition and delivery architecture, is a sophisticated web-based SaaS application that allows you to optimize the impact of your email marketing campaign. It serves as a powerful development tool managing, sending & tracking Direct email marketing (DEM) campaigns. It simplifies the delivery process so you can focus on your Clients, as well as on analysing and responding to the results of your campaign, in any  revenue model scenario: CPM, CPC or CPL.

Affiliation for Publishers

The NEW way to monetize your  opt-in user data-base: You can choose to let us manage globally a DEM planning through our ADSender platform or you can choose to use our ADSender platform to reach in autonomy your user base for marketing purposes.

About Lucini&Lucini Communications

Today more than 3,34B email are sent monthly worldwide for all types of businesses and organizations, they all use Lucini&Lucini Email Marketing for Lead Generation, Brand awareness, Event Marketing, Online Surveys and Social Media Marketing.